We are Jupiter


Responsabilidade Social JupiterJupiter perceives Social Responsibility as a broad theme that involves caring for the environment, responsible consumption, quality of life and community support. 


Every year we celebrate World Environment Day, both on our social networks and through educational campaigns with employees. Each new employee is greeted with a welcome kit containing a personalized cup to discourage the use of plastic cups. The company also recycles damaged roll-ups, banners, and plastic, vinyl, and aluminum panels. Supports the full-time cooking oil recycling campaign at Condomínio das Mangueirinhas, where it is located.


Jupiter's performance in Social Responsibility also goes beyond the domains of offices. The company supports sports among its employees with equipment and infrastructure, and maintains a Workout program three times a week. Nonprofit organizations that are serious about their mission to do good to those in need also receive Jupiter support. And employees, on their own initiative, often come together to promote voluntary actions outside the company.

Founded in 2001, Jupiter is an IT services company with expertise in supporting government agencies, public sector organizations and private companies to organize, control and grow their business through innovative solutions with lower than average operating costs. Market.
Based in Luanda, the company provides its customers with IT infrastructure solutions through its Software Factory, where it creates, for example, process optimization tools, human resources management, financial, electronic, management and documents.
Jupiter also updates indispensable portals and websites in today's business world. Most recently, it has introduced Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing solutions that offer a broad set of development possibilities for companies and institutions.
All solutions provided are properly supported by maintenance and service desk services to ensure the confidentiality of corporate information, data integrity, system availability and recovery in the event of an accident.
  • High technical team capacity with over 300 employees from three continents
  • Partnership with major international brands
  • International standard in software implementation processes
  • Direct and customer focused communication
  • Pioneer in building computer systems and software development in Angola
  • Software development and integrated business-focused solutions and better improvement results for your customers

Offer solutions and services in information technology in the format of partnership with innovation, flexibility, quality and agility to add value to the expectations and profitability of our business customers.


To be a reference for innovation, efficiency and creativity in information technology solutions and services to generate value and meet the business needs of our customers. Committed to excellence and recognized as the best relationship choice by our customers, partners, employees and society.


Commitment, Innovation, Integration, Ethics, Quality, Qualification, Efficiency, Transparency, Excellence and Social Responsibility.


Innovathon 2018 Jupiter eventosInnovathon 

Jupiter Innovation Marathon

In October 2018, we held Jupiter's first “good hackathon”. Software Factory contributors split into teams, drafted Jupiter software, systems, and product enhancements, and spent a weekend working on the idea.
After more than 24 hours of effort, each team presented their idea in 15-minute pits to a jury staffed by company management and department managers. The top three have been awarded and are in production.









Luanda Azure Bootcamp 2019 JupiterLuanda Azure Bootcamp


In 2019, we hosted the first Angolan edition of Global Azure Bootcamp, the collaborative event hosted by the Microsoft technical community, simultaneously in hundreds of cities worldwide on April 27th.
The LAB - For Angola to Feet in the Cloud! It was a critical and public success, with nearly 300 people occupying the HCTA auditorium in Luanda to attend lectures on Azure and other cloud computing technologies.

Academia Jupiter Formações InternasTo keep teams always aligned with the most up-to-date knowledge, employees who occupy leadership positions or have expertise in a given theme give seminars, lectures, workshops and classes to others.


Everything like a real school: with lectures on weekdays or even on Saturdays and Sundays, course plan, attendance list, coffee break, taking exams, collecting feedback for future improvement of each training and issuing certificates. All trainings are recorded in one system, which allows the Office of Projects and Processes (EPP) to measure the number of courses, classes, class hours and average enrollment, attendance and approval in tests.



Programa Conectados

In addition to seeking technological solutions for a better future, Jupiter invests in the well-being and development of all your employees. 



Motivational actions, qualification through internationally recognized certifications, comfortable facilities, corporate integration, work gymnastics and sports incentive are responsibilities of the Conectados Program, a Corporate Communication management area.



All in the name of what we consider most valuable: our employees. More than machines and systems, we are a company of happy people, where the integration between different nationalities, combined with their professional experiences and qualifications, is connected to offer the best to our customers.