Jupiter creates lawyer-specific software

By Equipa Jupiter News on

Worldwide, the computerization of justice is increasingly a necessity of the modern State, which constantly needs to make management more efficient and provide better care to the citizen. The lawyer, the society's main interlocutor with the judiciary, needs to be aligned with this trend. And it was for this professional that Jupiter developed an exclusive system of procedural control and administrative and financial management.

The platform is 100% web, installed in the Cloud, and provides the automation not only of offices, but also of legal departments, attorneys, and legal advisories. Its characteristics enable the integration of all information of business relevance, from the registration of each client's process to the cost of maintaining the office, with accounts payable and receivable module, issuance of invoices, contract management, and other functionalities.

In the area of legal control, the system allows the registration of processes of different matters, the registration of progress and procedural monitoring, various consultations with filters configured by the user, attached and related processes within the Concept Of Cause Folders, integration with documents and images of scanned parts, sending notifications by e-mail, among other resources.

The system also has agenda modules, for greater control over compliance with deadlines and commitments; bank, for a better assessment of the team's performance; and customer service, to be a major beneficiary of the modernization of the services provided by lawyers.

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