Jupiter presents news for Angolan e-commerce

By Equipa Jupiter News on

Jupiter presents in October, another system developed to measure the reality of an economy affected by the pandemic of Covid-19. It is an innovative solution that adds an electrical trading platform to any store, with rapid implementation and at a competitive price. When the collection is a civic duty, selling 'online', without the customer needing to leave home, is a decisive differential for the success of a commercial enterprise.

In addition to operating integrated with inventory management and managing the entire online sales process, the system already brings a portfolio of layouts of electronic stores, serving companies from any sector — restaurants, pharmacies, markets, vehicle resale, tourism agencies, real estate and commerce in general. It is also possible for a user to manage more than one store in the same dashboard.

Responsive, the virtual address of your trade can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, and any computer connected to the internet, without graphic damage. The solution also offers marketing tools aimed at the relationship with customers. Purchase confirmation emails, newsletters and other messages can be automatically scheduled and fired, depending on the action of shoppers and visitors to the e-store.

To support decision-making, the platform relies on Business Intelligence (BI), through reports with all relevant sales information and customer behaviour on the online store website. It is also possible to generate and offer discount coupons and gift vouchers for customers.

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