Jupiter supports sport in the company

By felipe.lenhart on

Jupiter believes that healthier and happier employees are also more committed and productive. And encouraging sports among professionals from all departments is one of the “Connected with Health” program's responsibilities, which, among other things - such as occupational gymnastics and Health Week - officially supports a group of people who like it. of playing soccer and other by cycling lovers.

“Bike By Jupiter Crazies” usually meet on Saturdays to cycle the city roads. When they want to venture further afield, they set out on Sundays and holidays. The team, which currently has 10 members, seeks to enjoy each ride to have fun, have contact with nature and promote social actions in the communities they met during the cycling.

At the end of August, the “Wacky” won from Jupiter an official uniform that meets all the specifications required for the best cycling practice. Customized with the company's brand and colors, the uniform was first used on September 2 at the Mountain Bike events held at Mangais Ecotourism Golf Resort in Luanda. The result was excellent: four podiums in three categories!

Weekly Football in Peace and Flower

It started off improvisationally and often uncertainly, but today who works at Jupiter and hobbies football already knows: Wednesday has a game! It is on this day of the week that a group ranging from 16 to 20 employees travels to the Peace and Flower Cultural Center in Luanda to play matches on the club's futsal court, whose rent and balls are paid by the company since beginning of 2018.

In addition to their willingness to change their shoes for their boots after hours, footballers are not lacking in organization: there is a regulation with the rules of the meetings, a group on WhatsApp to combine the ride, a monthly box for different costs, vests to differentiate teams and even a mobile app to raffle teams, jot down who scores the goals and gives the decisive assists.

“The company welcomes these spontaneous employee initiatives and is proud to be able to support and encourage! The Conectados program sees in integration and mobilization that sport provides a way to strengthen relationships at work and improve the quality of life of employees! We stress that new support proposals are always welcome! The more initiatives, the more involvement and health we have! ”, Adds Sebastião Issenguel, Jupiter's HR coordinator.