Jupiter system supports banking in risk management

By Equipa Jupiter News on

Identifying threats and taking action to neutralize them is the right way to avoid harm. In banking, this process is fundamental in times of economic instability and international turbulence. At times such as the present, with a pandemic razing entire market segments, it becomes even more urgent to implement Risk Management rules, with the aim of protecting the human and financial assets of the institution.

The solution developed by Jupiter provides a complete set of subsystems to meet the credit risk analysis process of all operational areas of the banking sector. The platform covers the entire life cycle of the credit proposal and adapts the institution to the increasingly competitive market requirements.

The system provides efficient management of customer credit requests, from initial analysis to final approval, and automatic creation of contracts, with all business rules. Document management is facilitated, with the electronic storage of contracts and guarantees provided for therein, with effective control of access permissions.

The system has fully integration with the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Angola, and the General Tax Administration, in addition to internal, systems already used by the bank. The opinions necessary for the approval of the proposals are done digitally, with registration on the platform. The solution also has a statistical panel Tactical / Operational and Strategic, to enable the issuance of reports and support decision-making.

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