Manage customers and opportunities with CRM

By Equipa Jupiter News on

The Covid-19 pandemic, which plagues the world and causes a sharp shake-up in the economy, has forced companies in all sectors to redouble their attention on customer relationships, and the discovery of new business opportunities.

To make the answer to this challenge more assertive, Jupiter presents to the Angolan market a solution that will allow your company to organize and manage all the information of its clientele and capture new contacts on the Internet for possible future business.

Jupiter's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) makes it easy for both the sales team and the marketing team to form a “virtuous cycle” that will drive business. On the one hand, opportunities are identified on social networks and on the company's website. On the other hand, the best relationship is made to turn them into billing!

It works like this: through forms on the pages of the company's institutional website and social networks, CRM receives information from users. From there, analysts and sellers will have all the necessary tools to establish a productive conversation with the potential customer.

Imagine getting rid of extensive spreadsheets and costly reports, having access to clearer and more concise information that truly matters to teams! And everything is done in the cloud computing environment, on secure and reliable servers that ensure digital access 24, hours a day, 7, days a week.

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