Our Processes

Knowing that well-defined and systematized processes contribute to the company to save time and investment in the realization of projects, since 2015 Jupiter has had an Office of Projects and Processes (EPP), responsible for ensuring that all work carried out follows well-defined routines and with the best practices in the market.


Jupiter Agil Processes


Software Factory Processes


Jupiter Processes

  • Requirements Engineering: begins with requirements gathering, identifying product needs. Throughout development, ensures alignment of customer business needs with the product to be developed.
  • Solution Design: aims to develop solutions that meet customer requirements, functional and quality requirements. For this, the solution design is selected according to criteria, developed and evaluated as to its suitability to the requirements.
  • Solution Build: design product components using best practices and appropriate technologies for the defined solution. Components are integrated and made available for testing and validation.
  • Testing: testing is performed according to a testing strategy to ensure that the product meets the requirements and functions properly in the desired environment.
  • Transition: activities are planned and executed to ensure the correct transition of the product to the customer and support teams. The transition includes empowering stakeholders, preparing environments, deploying and monitoring product operation.
  • Support: involves supporting product operation, including resolving product use concerns, correcting any product defects or deviations from operation, and implementing improvements.
Jupiter applies the agile Product Development cycle, aligned with the processes described above. The agile cycle enables you to solve complex and adaptive problems by delivering products incrementally and at the highest possible value.


Processes Jupiter Systems SolutionsInfrastructure Processes


Our IT infrastructure and service management process utilizes the ITIL standard, supporting the operation of services, tailored to customer needs and aligned with a service lifecycle strategy. In addition, changes, improvements and evolutions are executed in a coordinated manner, with the lowest possible risk. All this allows to constantly evaluate the operation and promote its continuous improvement.


And to ensure alignment between the expectations of our clients and those involved in the work, our Management processes combine best practices from CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC, PMBoK, practices of traditional development methodologies (OpenUP), Agels (Scrum) and Service Management (ITIL).



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